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5 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas...

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Gender reveal parties have become a new celebration where expecting parents surprise their loved ones with the sex of the baby (team blue or pink). Many expecting parents are holding a gender reveal celebration in addition to or instead of a baby shower. In light of its new popularity we have put together some creative ideas for your gender reveal.

1) Baked Party Favours

You can pick your favourite baked snack for example fortune cookies, bomb cake or piñata snacks. the idea here is to have each treat packed with blue or pink edible candy. You have one placed at each seat & explain they are not to be opened until you give the word, ensuring everyone’s bites into their treat at the same time.

2) Silly String

You can buy a can of pink or blue silly string and cover the outside to not give it away or you can buy mystery cans from places like Etsy. It’s up to you how you do this but here’s a few ideas get the kids to cover each other on the count of three with the silly string or expecting parents could take the lead or even the grandparents. This can get messy and silly but can be very fun.

3) Bespoke T-Shirts or Hats

This is one of our favourite ideas as it’s entirely up to you have creative you want to be with slogans. Eg Boy Meets World or Little Bow Peep or one we saw on Etsy was Team Moustaches or Team Lashes. You could print t-shirts or hats or any other item of clothing for yourself and daddy to be and or your children or if you really want to splash out you could have them made for all your guests.

4) Let Your Fur Baby Reveal

Our pets are normally our first babies so why not get them involved in your reveal. This will depend what type of animal you have but you could change the colour of the collar, add balloons and or have a outfit made for your pet especially for the gender reveal. We really like the idea of involving your children or animals in this activity.

5) Photo Shoot

So many ways in a photo shoot to get creative with this, you could use any of the existing ideas like a piñata, balloon pop or confetti popper. Although we quite like the idea of a cake smash & eat shoot for expecting parents and or your other children and or pets. This can be messy, fun, creative and you could have several outfit changes to get the best pics.

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