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Caesarean Journey

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Caesarean’s and the aftermath...

Caesarean’s and the aftermath once you have had one is something that as a new mum i wasn’t aware of what exactly it entailed and what it was really like having a newborn and a fresh scar as i found there wasn’t really any information or knowledge in my appointments or booklets.

I am a mum to a 13 month old boy who was brought into the world at 34weeks via an emergency caesarean. It was a very daunting experience going into it as i had not really been educated on what exactly i was about to go through especially the aftermath so i thought i would share my experience to maybe help others.

The Operation

My c-section operation itself i found to be surprisingly a very calming environment considering its a major operation with huge risks , the doctors made me feel at ease and with being in there for only 30-45 minutes i didn’t feel a thing only a bit of pulling but nothing compared to a contraction! I can honestly say i was pleasantly surprised!


For me there was nothing that could prepare me for the first week of recovery especially with a newborn. I felt helpless not being able to really pick up my son due to the pain, i couldn’t really walk a lot the first 3 days and struggled to go to the toilet, the midwifes were amazing at their efforts of taking care of me, talking me through the clexane injections, giving me the correct tablets if i felt a bit more sensitive at times and also pushing me to get myself actively walking around.

My advice to any new mums to be who are having a c-section is the process takes time, it has its highs and lows but its all worth it in the end, let your body tell you when your are ready, don’t push yourself and surround yourself with a great support system. Accepting help from others doesn’t mean you are useless, everything takes time and patience, in the end the pain will be a distant memory !

Thank you to our Guest Blogger Charlotte Tillbrook check out her Instagram page

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