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Can Affirmations Boost Wellness in Pregnancy

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Affirmations are positive words or sentences we can say to help overcome negative thoughts and behaviour. By repeating these affirmations we rewire the brain or trick it into believing the words we speak.

Over the years, research results have favoured affirmations, proving they have positive changes in a persons professional work life, relationships, people who suffer with mental health, stress, anxiety & depression.

You can use affirmations throughout your pregnancy to help the journey to be as calm and smooth as possible. You can use affirmations to control your thought process for example to change your reaction to the physical and emotional changes to your body or to stop worry about something going wrong during your pregnancy.

Affirmations can work well along side other techniques such as regular light exercise, healthy diet, meditation, visualising, worry diary, as some examples or affirmation can stand alone and still have positive effects you will notice within weeks of starting.

At a minimum you should be saying your affirmations 3 times throughout each day for 30 days. We say 3 times a day for the first 30 days then once in the morning and once before bed as part of a lifestyle habit. Eventually this will become a natural part of your everyday routine.

I think it’s best to address your own mind by writing a personalised list of affirmations. Get started by thinking about your pregnancy pains, problems, fears and limitations them write something positive to counteract it. we have wrour some examples to help get you started.

* I am a strong & healthy woman

* I am in tune with my baby & my body

* I am ready to be an amazing mother

* I am calm & fearless

* I am strong enough to give labour

* I love the changes in my body whilst pregnant

* I will have a healthy & happy baby

* I will have an unbreakble bond with my baby

* My body is strong and beautiful

* Birth is safe for me & my baby

Try the 30 day affirmations challenge & share your expirences with us ❤️🤰❤️

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