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Collaboration with Narin’s

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

We are excited to announce our newest collaboration with Narin's who specialise in healthy oat products. Pregnancy Moon Box have teamed up with Narin’s to deliver you quality, healthy and sustainable products.

Gut health has never been more important, partly because around 80% or our immune tissue is found in and around the gut wall.

Oats should be part of a healthy varied diet. Oats are a gut friendly food and here is how they help:

  1. Healthy bowel movements - oats have a naturally high fibre content helping to regulate bowel movement.

  2. Fermentable fibre found in oats encourages friendly bacteria to grow.

  3. Some people find high fibre products can cause bloating and digestion problems so oats are a great gentler alternative to other grains.

  4. Oats contain plant nutrients that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Narins products taste yummy and are healthier than high street snacks. With 40% less sugar than the average fruit or cereal bar. The oat bars are also gluten free and vegan friendly with no added artificial ingredients.

Pregnancy Moon Box have teamed up with Narin's and are including the mixed seeds & protein bar in our Pregnancy Treat Box (for a limited time only, so hurry while stock lasts).

You can purchase a range of healthy oat products direct via Narin’s website. Follow the link below to try out the amazing product range.

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