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Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Wondering how to make your pregnancy announcement creative and fun? We’ve created a list of some of our favourite pregnancy announcement ideas! Announcing your pregnancy to friends and family is one of the first exciting steps during pregnancy and you only get to do it once (per baby!), so let’s make sure it’s done right!

unique fun creative pregnancy announcement

When should I announce my pregnancy?

Most people wait until the end of the first trimester before they tell anyone they are pregnant because the risk of miscarriage is much smaller once the second trimester hits. However, it’s your big news and when you announce it is up to you!

Five Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas:

1. Buy some tiny little socks that you can hang up on the laundry line with yours and your partners socks. Snap a picture of the three pairs of socks hanging there and caption it ‘The laundry is about to get a whole lot cuter…’

2. This one is for you dog lovers out there! Buy a book and write ‘How to be a great big sister/brother’ on the front of it and stick your ultrasound on. Pose your dog so it looks like he is reading it (this is the hard bit)! Then snap a picture. Now you have a fun and creative picture to post which will tell your followers you are pregnant!

3. For this one you’re going to need a black top, some flour, and a rolling pin! Set up the rolling pin and flour to make it look like you’ve been baking. Get your partners hands covered in flour so they make two handprints on your belly. Create a recipe card with a picture of your ultrasound on. Snap the picture and caption it ‘There’s a bun in the oven!’

creative unique pregnancy announcement

4. This is one for those of you who already have a little one. Dress them up so they look as cute as ever and have them hold a chalk board. The chalk board can read ‘Promotion to Big Sister/Brother’. Add a picture of the ultrasound and the due date and you’re good to go.

5. If you have a child who isn’t thrilled so about the news… Have them look extra grumpy, holding the ultrasound (can often be bribed into doing this with a sweet or two)! Snap the picture and caption it ‘She’s not happy she’s going to have to share us…’

Whatever you decide to do, have some fun with it and remember to document it in a journal! Pregnancy is an amazing journey, and a journal is a great way to capture the special moments. We sell a great bump to baby journal here at Pregnancy Moon Box! Visit us at or find us on Etsy!

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