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Exercising When Pregnant

Exercise is an important part of keeping fit and healthy, whether you are pregnant or not. However, it becomes increasing important for you and the baby, that you are exercising when you are a mum-to-be. Being fit will help your body adapt to its changing shape and weight gain. According to NHS (2020), exercise is not dangerous for your baby, in fact there is evidence that active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labour.

woman exercising safely whilst pregnant. prenatal yoga exercise class

Some exercises good for pregnancy:

· Swimming, walking, gentle jogging and light, indoor cycling- these cardiovascular exercises are great for increasing blood circulation and increasing endurance (which will help during labour)

· Prenatal yoga is perfect for relaxing during pregnancy however it also encourages focus, deep breathing and flexibility (that all comes in handy during labour)

· Pregnancy-appropriate Pilates and weightlifting- these are effective strengthening exercises for pregnant women, which can also help ease backache. Ensure, when lifting weights, that you are using a lower weight than usual (you can always opt for more reps)

Exercise tips when you are pregnant:

· Always warm up and cool down properly, this will help prevent injury

· Try to do little and often, instead of less frequent, intense workouts

· Stay hydrated and well fed

· Avoid any exercise such as horse riding and gymnastics, as falls carry a great risk when you are pregnant

· If you go to an exercise class, ensure the instructor knows you are pregnant and by how many weeks, they can advise you accordingly

· Avoid exercise where you lie flat on your back for long periods of time, as this can make you feel faint

· You should be able to hold a conversation whilst exercising when pregnant, if you can’t, you need to reduce the intensity

If you are ever in doubt when wanting to start exercising when pregnant, consult your maternity team or doctor. Our Pregnancy Moon Boxes include many products which will help you relax after exercising, including the Bien Tree Magnesium Crystals found in our Third Trimester Box, find these here: or find us on Etsy!

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