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Last Month of Pregnancy Checklist

During your last month of pregnancy, you’re probably very excited and trying not to pee every five minutes. Despite the excitement and having a million things to do, it’s actually the perfect time to get a few things sorted! Because let’s be honest, you won’t have much spare time to do anything once the baby is born!

1. Visit the hairdressers! This may seem silly but you will want your hair looking its best in all the photos of you and your newborn, and it’s probably not something you’ll have time to do.

2. Stock your fridge! Trying to find food in the house in between nursing and changing diapers is not fun… Do that big food shop before the baby is here.

3. Go on a date! Savour you and partner’s precious alone time whilst you still can- you don’t know the next time you’ll be able to head out alone.

4. Research a newborn photographer! If this is something you’ve not previously thought about, get thinking! These photographs will be priceless and you’ll cherish them for life.

5. Sleep! This may sound silly but cherish sleep whilst you still can!

6. Get ready for your birth announcement! Whether you’re going for a simple post on Facebook or an hour long documentary of the birth. Have it ready and planned so you don’t have to worry about it post-birth.

7. Speak to your partner! Let them know exactly what you want them doing on the day. Whether it’s doing absolutely nothing and just holding your hand, or if it’s being in charge of snacks and keeping the grandparents updated. It’s important you’re both aware of what you expect from them.

8. Sign up for Amazon Prime! Next day delivery on endless baby supplies, need I say more…

What else would you add to your last month of pregnancy checklist?

Comment below!

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