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Morning Sickness

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Its estimated that 70-80% of pregnant women will experience morning sickness (Health Line, 2019). How often and how bad will vary from each woman and pregnancy.

Morning sickness can start from as early as 4 weeks but it typically kicks in from around 9 weeks.

Morning sickness is the feeling of nausea typically during the first trimester. Morning sickness can be experienced with or without vomit. Yet either way it’s one of the most uncomfortable and unsettling parts of pregnancy.

As the term morning sickness suggests it’s more likely to occur when you first wake up but this is misleading because morning sickness can occur at any time of day.

Below we have included some tips and products to help ease and relieve morning sickness:

  • Rest - tiredness can make morning sickness worse

  • Avoid an empty stomach

  • Eat small & often

  • Eat nutritious meals & snacks

  • Start your day with a ginger biscuit before you get out of bed & replace tea with ginger tea

  • Drink lots of fluids as hydration is key

  • Be aware & avoid trigger smells that could trigger your morning sickness

  • Take prenatal vitamins daily to ensure you are getting the right nutrients

  • Reduce stress by adding meditation into your daily routine

Included in our first trimester pregnancy box are Myrtle & Maude morning sickness bon bons. They are made with vitamin B6 and 100% natural peppermint oil to help support nausea throughout pregnancy. The morning sickness bon bons are free from artificial flavour and are vegan friendly. These are a must have to be included in every pregnant woman’s first trimester survival kit.

Pregnancy Moon Box currently have a sale offering 20% off our boxes which are perfect for some self love if you are pregnant or make the ideal gift for a mum to be.

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