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Postpartum Anxiety or Just Worried?

Feeling worried and slightly anxious when you have a new born is completely normal. You have this new little human who is completely dependent on you, it’s a lot of pressure. However, there is a difference between generally being worried and postpartum anxiety.

Postpartum anxiety is when excessive anxiety occurs. You may get intrusive, obsessive thoughts about something happening to your baby, that are regular and are causing you mental distress. It’s the difference between checking on your baby a few times a night vs being unable to sleep with worry.

What are the symptoms of postpartum anxiety?

· Constantly thinking about things that could go wrong

· Always feeling like something bad is going to happen

· Being extremely self-critical and feeling like you’re going to do something wrong

· Spiralling thoughts about potential dangers and risks

· Constant irritability

· Excessively checking on your baby

· Lack of trust for anyone else looking after/holding your baby

· Needing constant reassurance that your baby is in good health

· Avoiding seemingly harmless situations/outings in fear of something happening

· Obsessing over the future

· Experiencing severe anxiety when away from your baby

It’s important to note the use of words such as ‘obsessive’, 'excessive’ and ‘constantly’ because all new mums will feel a selection of these things from time to time!

Physical Symptoms:

· Insomnia

· Panic attacks

· Separation anxiety

· Tension

· Poorly stomach

· Lack of appetite

· Dizziness

· Increased sweating

· Increased heartrate

If you are struggling with your mental health and anxiety, it’s important you speak to someone! Whether it’s your partner, family, friends or a GP.

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