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Tips for Hiding Pregnancy in the Early Weeks

Deciding when and how you tell people you’re pregnant is completely up to you and can be a really special memory. Most people decide to announce the news after the twelve week scan because at that point, the likelihood of having a miscarriage is much lower. Hiding the fact that you’re pregnant can be harder than it seems, even if there’s not much of a bump! We’ve thought of some tips and tricks which may help to keep your exciting news a secret…

Morning Sickness…

This is probably one of the biggest giveaways for a woman, if she’s being sick frequently. Morning sickness doesn’t hit everyone in the morning so make yourself aware of when it affects you and try to avoid making plans/scheduling meetings at this time.

Not being able to drink alcohol…

Have you been invited to the pub? Not being able to drink is another massive giveaway that a person is pregnant. This can be a tricky one but there’s a couple of things you could try.

1. If you’re drinking at home then Schloer and grape juice are great wine lookalikes, or drink coke and pretend you’ve added spirit.

2. If you’re at a bar, go up to order alone and order a mocktail. These are actually really delicious and look just like the real thing!

3. Find a friend who you don’t mind knowing the news early, who can help in social situations, or who would be willing to sneakily drink your drinks!

4. Pretend you’re participating in an alcohol free month for charity. No one can try to tempt you to quit if it’s for charity!

Clothes not fitting you anymore?

Suddenly switching your style up and wearing baggier clothing is something that could give your secret away. Instead, try to keep your clothing the same but add layers or a scarf to cover your growing belly. Some patterned clothing can also make it harder to see the appearance of a bump.

Do you have any tips on how to hide a pregnancy in the early weeks? Comment them down below!

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