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To Buy Or Not To Buy Maternity Clothes

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

It’s not that I’m against buying maternity clothes, it’s just some items are more necessary where as some are just an added bonus in my opinion.

So having a bra that actually fits was my first priority so I began researching maternity bras after a bit of reading on what size to pick I found one in the sale on the John Lewis website so took the leap. Normally I measure 36b so opted for the medium size. When it arrived I realised how unpractical it was as an actual bra to support my growing boobs and how unflattering it looked under my everyday clothes. It is the perfect maternity / nursing bra for days at home but I just can’t see me wearing this out the house. The reality is those two pack of gym tops from Amazon would do the same thing for a fraction of the cost so that's what I did! Prices start from£10.99 each and they are so comfy - visit the link to see if it's what you're looking for from a maternity bra.

I’m officially 21 weeks pregnant and feeling round but haven’t yet purchased one piece of maternity clothing other than my overpriced bra. Instead the couple of items I have purchased included a pair of stretchy leggings and two dresses. All of which where standard clothes from your typical websites like Boohoo and DLSB, I just opted for a size 10 rather than an 8 to add some stretch fit my bump. I ordered one maxi dress which was floaty but without a belt around my waist it made me look bigger than what I actually am. The other dress was for a wedding and this time I opted for a more fitted look which I felt great in.

I looked at some pregnancy ranges from Next, M&S, John Lewis, Matalan, Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Club London and some others websites but I just didn’t see much I liked or they where very overpriced considering I will never wear them again in a few months. So then went back to my good old friend Amazon to pick up some bargains - check out the link for the best leggings which come in a range of colours -

Now I’m only just past halfway so assuming my bump might double in size over the coming months I’m not completely ruling out some specific maternity items like some leggings with bump support and comfortable tops as I’m getting to that stage where comfort overrides style and summer is coming to an end so I'm already thinking about my autumn / winter wardrobe.

I only recently discovered Vinted, plus you have many other second hand selling sites like eBay, Spock etc and thought I might keep my maternity clothes purchases via these apps / websites to save myself money and help the environment by using pre loved items.

Now like I said at the start I’m not against maternity clothes if someone can recommend some nice websites that are reasonably priced then let me know because I feel like I’m all google searched out. Tell me in the comments if you know of any good maternity clothing shops / websites?

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