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What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy?

For most people who aren’t trying for a baby, the late period is the first sign they get, followed by the positive pregnancy test. For most people trying for a baby, the multiple pregnancy tests a day are what tells you! However, there are loads of signs that a women is pregnant, that don’t fall into the missed period or positive test bracket.

Morning Sickness

Although named morning sickness, this could occur at any point during the day. It doesn’t have to be actually being sick either, feeling nauseous also classes as morning sickness. This will usually start when you’re six weeks pregnant and will hopefully end by the beginning of your second trimester.

Breast Tenderness

This is one most women don’t realise they’re experiencing until they actually know they’re pregnant! Breast tenderness can range from sore nipples, to a tingling sensation in the entire breast. Sometimes a woman’s veins may also look more prominent.


Suddenly having urges for food you wouldn’t usually be that fussed about eating. Usually more carby food but not always. Similarly, if you suddenly aren’t wanting foods you usually love, this could be a sign…


Feel tired is a massive giveaway that you might be pregnant. We aren’t talking about falling asleep on the sofa on a Friday night, after a busy week. We’re talking, being a lot more tired than you’re used to, for no explained reason.

Metallic Taste

Many women get a strange, ‘metallic’ taste in their mouth during their first trimester.

Constipation or the opposite…

To put it nicely, a change in your regular toilet stops is a massive giveaway that a woman is pregnant. This is caused by all your changing hormones.

Needing a Wee

The need to wee more often starts early… Be prepared.


Also called 'acid reflux'. Many women experience this during all three trimesters.


This may seem like a weird one and many people will roll their eyes! But many pregnant women have dreamt that they’re pregnant, woken up, taken a test, and discovered it’s true!

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